Kageki Shoujo!!

tag Episódios: 4
tag Views: 32
tag Nome Alternativo: Kageki Shojo!!
tag Status: Em lançamento
tag Generos: Drama, School, Shoujo
Founded in the Taisho era, the "Red Flower Opera Company" attracts people's hearts across generations on a beautiful and gorgeous stage created only by unmarried women. The 100th generation students who have passed through a high magnification and entered the "Red Flower Opera Music School" to develop the human resources. Sarasa Watanabe, an innocent girl with a height of 178 cm who longs for "Oscar-sama." Ai Narada, a former national idol who is indifferent to everything, both dreams and friends. The music school life full of hope and conflict, where everything is disjointed, is about to begin! (Source: MAL News)
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Kageki Shoujo!! – Episódio 1 (HD)

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Kageki Shoujo!! – Episódio 2 (HD)

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Kageki Shoujo!! – Episódio 3 (HD)

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Kageki Shoujo!! – Episódio 4 (HD)

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