Visual Prison

tag Episódios: 3
tag Views: 151
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tag Status: Em lançamento
tag Generos: Supernatural, Music, Vampire
Ange Yuki—a boy who wrestles with deep-seated loneliness and can't fit in. With nobody to call family, he leaves his hometown. Longing to see an artist he admires perform, he heads for Harajuku, where he encounters a live battle between visual kei units ECLIPSE and LOS † EDEN. Overwhelmed by the energetic performance, he is suddenly struck by an intense pain...
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Visual Prison – Episódio 1 (HD)

310 views visibility 2 semanas atrás

Visual Prison – Episódio 2 (HD)

158 views visibility 1 semana atrás

Visual Prison – Episódio 3 (HD)

19 views visibility 12 horas atrás